Milan is the industrial center of Italy, but it's also a great jump-off to explore the rest of northern Italy, like Tuscany. Or you can stay in the city and view Leonardo da Vinci's greatest work, The Last Supper. Now, you can visit from the SF Bay Area, thanks to a hidden fare from San Jose Airport. It's a mind-blowing $656. Score.

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Wikitravel guide.

Get 13,000 miles if you've got membership in any of the Oneworld airlines.

Fabulous fare to Dubai, this time from San Francisco, w/ United Airlines, for only $844. Very brief stopover in IAD Dulles. Makes for an excellent mileage run, too. Fares are good for most of January - February 2016, but consider that you can score a trip for the week of Presidents' Day - and take at least one less day off work:

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As someone who visited the Emirates in February, the temperature was absolutely sublime.

Also check out the WikiTravel article on Dubai.

Ah Romania... the country that's always been two slots down on your bucket list. What I like about this fare on Air France:
  1. You get a free daytime stopover in Paris. HOLLA.
  2. You get to choose from a number of trip lengths and return dates. Eurotrip for Thanksgiving, anyone?
  3. You can totally use beautiful Bucharest as a jump-off to other destinations in Europe (on the cheap)
You'll be flying in a double-decker Airbus A380 for the intercontinental portion. So scratch that off your list, too.

and check out Romania via WikiTravel

If you've dreamed of a desert mirage with more camels than casinos, here's an opportunity for New Yorkers to visit a jewel of the Middle East and cross one more location off your bucket list. Qatar Airways is offering a chance to visit Dubai during a relatively mild time of the year (mid-November) for only $882.

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Note that you can get a slightly cheaper fare by going with Azerbaijan Airlines or Ukraine International Airlines. But with the the Skytrax BEST AIRLINE OF 2015 at nearly the same price, why would you?

Two specials to South East Asia today... Hong Kong is pretty much around the lowest I've ever seen for viable dates in over a decade.

San Francisco SFO to Phuket Thailand HKT from $814, RT (United / Star Alliance)
Perfect cure for those winter blues.
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Fly to Hong Kong from $530 (Asiana / Star Alliance)
Cheap enough as a weekend getaway. Layover in Seoul Incheon, one of the world's best airports - They have free transit tours to take you into the city!
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